Unimount to Ultramount Conversion

If you have UniMount plow that you would like to have mounted on your new truck you are in luck. Western has a special conversion kit that attaches to the truck. This conversion kit gets installed on the truck by attaching to the UltraMount frame. The truck will now accept your UniMount plow. Another item to consider is that many of today’s newer trucks require an Isolation Module type light wiring system and different (11Pin) lights as well other electrical components to complete the installation of your UniMount plow. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all required parts and different options for easy conversion of your plow.

Conversion Packages:

1. Conversion kit only

2. Conversion kit plus ultramount truck mount

3. Complete truck side and unimount plow conversion: For plows with 2 plug system

Kit Includes:

  • Conversion kit
  • Ultramount truck frame
  • 3 port or 4 port isolation module light wiring
  • Control harness
  • Power cable
  • Short battery cable
  • Motor relay
  • Optional control
  • Lights (11 pin)
  • 3 pin control wire

Western Conversion kit

CODE: w27170-PPD

$425.00   $345.28
Western Unimount to Ultramount conversion kit 27170

Complete Truck Side Package Plus - Unimount to Ultramount conversion 2-plug to 3-plug


Unimount to Ultramount conversion kit package
  • HB5 
  • HB1 
  • H13 
  • HB3 & HB4 
  • HB3 & HB11 
  • 2E 
  • 2B 
  • 2D 
  • HIR2 
  • HIR2 W/ LED DRL 
  • HIR2/HB3 
  • LED 
  • HB2 W LED DRL 
  • HID 
  • H13 Quad 

Conversion kit plus ultramount mount


Unimount to Ultramount conversion kit package