Transferring Your Snow Plow to a New Truck: VIDEO

Transferring Your Snow Plow to a New Truck: VIDEO

Transferring Your Snow Plow to a New Truck: VIDEO

With the official arrival of fall, snow removal professionals are getting ready for the first snow event of the season. In addition to servicing their plows and salt spreaders, making repairs, and replacing parts to avoid costly maintenance down the line, pre-season preparations may include purchasing a new plow truck.

Save Money by Reusing Parts When Transferring Your Snow Plow

If you’re thinking about trading in your old Chevy for a new Ford, it’s likely you’re also considering moving your plow and components to your new truck. After investing a great deal of money in a new vehicle, you may not be looking to spend a fortune when it comes to transferring your plow.

In the video below, we show you how to save money by reusing certain parts when you transfer your plow from one vehicle to another. With some trucks you can swap everything, and with others you’ll need to purchase parts designed specifically for that vehicle. But reusing items such as the receiver pocket that the plow slides into, the control, and the wiring for the light harnesses can result in a savings of hundreds of dollars.

Does Your Old Plow Fit Your New Vehicle?

Industry-leading manufacturers like Western and Sno-Way design highly-engineered snow removal equipment to fit your needs with a variety of options, innovative features, and accessories. If you’re buying a new vehicle or changing the vehicle you currently use to plow, both Western and Sno-Way have tools on their websites to help you determine if your plow can be transferred to the vehicle you are planning to purchase or use.

These guides are used for reference only, so it’s best to talk with your dealer to get the most current information and recommendations. Plow Parts Direct has been an authorized Western and Sno-Way dealer for nearly 50 years, so we can answer your questions and also transfer your plow to the new vehicle if you choose not to go the DIY route.

Get the Plow Parts You Need, When You Need Them

Plow Parts Direct offers complete installation and repair on both Western and Sno-Way brands. We also stock hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts – including a range of Western truck mounts and Sno-Way truck mounts – so we almost always have what you need, when you need it.

Servicing Your Plowing Truck and Equipment is a Must

Plowing can be tough on trucks. If you’re not buying a new vehicle this year, pre-season maintenance is a must – especially if it’s a truck you use only during plowing season. Have it checked by a trusted mechanic, get the oil changed, and make any necessary repairs.

Plow Parts Direct is working with proactive customers now to get their plows and spreaders ready for winter. We have the parts and the experienced personnel to service all of your snow removal equipment. Give us a call at 888-260-3246.


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