Spreading Salt Can Double Your Money!

Spreading Salt Can Double Your Money!

            Anyone who’s spent even a single winter dealing with snow understands that salting is just as important as snow removal. Whether you’re new to the snow removal business or an experienced veteran, you’d be wise to consider adding salting to your list of services offered.

            In many states, homeowners are responsible for keeping their driveway and walkways clear and in some cases, the sidewalk in front of their property as well. The responsibilities that fall on a commercial property are only heightened. Homeowners and businesses are responsible for not just removal of snow but maintaining it to be a safe walkway and environment. Salting is seen as one of the best methods to do so.

            When to Salt

            The purpose of salting is to help prevent icing. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get two different answers as to the most effective time to salt. Some will advise you to salt before the snow begins whereas others would recommend salting after it snows, and you’ve removed the snow. Both are technically correct, depending on the situation. When you salt before the snow begins, it helps to melt the snow on contact which can be very helpful to keep things loose. When salting after it snows, the salt begins to melt the snow, turning it into a pool of salty water which then helps melt more of the surrounding snow. It works as both as a mitigator of snow build-up as well as a preventor of freezing ice and plays a key role in snow and ice management. If possible, salting before and after would be the best option.

            Why Should I Invest?

            Every year, snow removal experts and weathermen do their best to predict what kind of winter to expect. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that winter where the snow doesn’t stop coming and you live in a perpetual winter wonderland, but also the seasons where you’d be lucky to see a single snowflake. How then, can you make extra money during the seasons with less snow? Salting. While most snow removal experts typically don’t charge as much for salting as they do plowing, there is still plenty of money to be made for a few reasons.

  1. Salting is typically required by law and sought out by businesses and homeowners. The large majority of people looking for snow removal services are expecting salting to be included. If its something you aren’t currently offering, you might be missing out on a lot of business.
  2. The work load is typically much lighter than plowing. Whether you’re pushing a walk-behind spreader or have the luxury of a tailgate or hopper spreader, not much more labor is required. You’ll either have to walk the lot while pushing a spreader or simply by turning your salter on and driving around the lot. Your time and effort are considerably less compared to some of the labor required for plowing.
  3. Most snowplow removal specialists will salt more often than plowing. With public safety in mind, salting is done much more frequently to help prevent icy parking lots and walkways. With the labor being much easier and the frequency being much higher, it’s what many refer to as “easy money.”

            How can I get Involved?

            It's obvious that adding salting to your list of services can play a key role in increasing your money this winter season. There are many different ways to incorporate salting into your snow removal business. Depending on the type of jobs your company has would determine the option for you. There are walk behind spreader options that are lower in cost and can help reach places a truck is unable to. Then there are tailgate spreaders and, for larger jobs, poly hoppers that go right into the back of your truck. The type of work will determine which is best for you. To help you find which is best for you, check out our analysis of which spreader would work best for your needs HERE, or feel encouraged to reach out to us HERE at Plow Parts Direct and we would be more than happy to assist!

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