Tornado Spreaders

Western Tornado spreader parts.

This link below will open a new window and give you the complete parts breakdown for the Tornado Spreaders with serial numbers beginning with 0905 and higher.

You can print out the PDF for your records and then search our site for the parts you need.

We are constantly adding parts to our site, but do not have all of them (if it cannot ship UPS it is not listed on the site).  Feel free to call and ask us if you cannot find a part you need.


Western Tornado Spinner motor

CODE: w78300-PPD

$375.00   $227.88
Western Tornado Spinner Motor. This is an updated spinner motor previously P3035. This motor will mount same way as the old one, and it has .5" shaft to make it stronger. Comes with new pulley and connectors. Part number 78300

Western Tornado/Striker Non-Fleet Flex Vibrator Kit -78195

CODE: w78195-PPD

$475.00   $363.58
Western Tornado Vibrator Kit -78195

Western Linch Pin -93010K (2 Pack)

CODE: w93010K-PPD

$7.50   $5.00
Western Linch Pin - 93010K

Western Rubber Strap Hold Down Assy.

CODE: W65224-PPD

$30.00   $20.68
Western Rubber Strap Hold Down Assy. - 65224

Western Cable Assembly, Plow/Hopper -28585 - Obsolete use 42015

CODE: W28585-PPD

$110.00   $83.47
Western Cable Assembly, Plow/Hopper -28585

Western CHMSL/Lic. Plate Kit -78199

CODE: W78199-PPD

$40.00   $29.39
Western CHMSL/Lic. Plate Kit -78199

Western Cable Assembly -short -78104

CODE: w78104-PPD

$50.00   $37.86
Western Cable Assembly -short -78104

Western Idler Kit - 78298

CODE: W78298-PPD

$54.00   $41.78
Western Idler Kit - 78298

Western Feedgate Handle Kit -78094

CODE: W78094-PPD

$72.00   $57.86
Western Feedgate Handle Kit -78094

Western Feedgate Assembly Kit - 78118

CODE: W78118-PPD

$139.00   $103.23
Western Feedgate Assembly Kit - 78118