Snoway wireless hand held control NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Snoway control wireless hand held control 96107355
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Sno-way does not manufacture this wireless control anymore.
We have put together special conversion kit for anyone who needs to have this control replaced.
This kit is available here.

Snoway wireless hand hold control 96107355
Programming instruction:
To erase any previously "learned" codes:
1. Place a metal object (screwdriver or pocket knife) across the contacts. The receiver is located under the pump cover. The contacts protrude through the potting near the LED on the same side of the receiver that the wire harness is on.
2. Hold the metal object across the contacts until the LED slowly blinks.
3. Remove the metal object.
Programming a receiver to "learn" a transmitter code:
1. Turn on the transmitter that the receiver is to be programmed to.
2. Place a metal object (screwdriver or pocket knife) across the contacts on the receiver. When the green LED on the receiver glows, remove the metal object.
3. Press any function on the transmitter. Hold the function button until the LED on the receiver turns off.
4. Release the function key on the transmitter. The receiver has now "learned" the transmitter code and will return to normal operation. If the receiver has already "learned" a code, the LED will blink fast for five seconds after the metal object is removed from the contacts. You must erase the code before adding a new one.