Snow Plowing Equipment is in Short Supply this Season

Snow Plowing Equipment is in Short Supply this Season

Snow Plowing Equipment is in Short Supply this Season

The U.S. economy has gone through quite a transition this year, growing rapidly as businesses have reopened and consumer spending has increased. However, while this turnaround is good news for businesses and workers, it also creates challenges. Entire industries that shrank during the pandemic have been unable to hire quickly enough to keep pace with the rising demand. Others do not have enough of their products in inventory to avoid running out of stock.

These shortages and supply-chain disruptions are significant and widespread. And while many experts believe the situation is temporary, the situation is certainly having an impact on the suppliers of snow plowing equipment.

Multiple Factors are Resulting in Snow Plow Equipment Supply Problems

As with all supply issues, there is more than one factor involved in the current shortage of snow plow equipment. The supply chain is certainly the main culprit, as certain parts and accessories that are made in Taiwan or China are most likely sitting on container ships that are queued up outside ports in southern California as a result of a record-setting backlog.

There is also a labor shortage in the snow removal equipment manufacturing sector, which  took a hit during the pandemic and is struggling to find qualified workers to fill open positions. Once parts are ready to ship, manufacturers are encountering transport issues. Trucking and logistics companies are short staffed as well, and products that were delivered in three days last year are taking 10 days or longer as loads sit in transfer stations waiting for drivers.

Plow Parts Direct is Working to Help Customers Avoid Shortages

As an authorized Western and Sno-Way dealer for nearly 50 years, Plow Parts Direct stocks hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts and has become the go-to source for customers who need snow plow equipment in a hurry. We have been increasing our orders to help ensure customers are well stocked with essential parts and accessories. This includes building an inventory of items that were in short supply last year.

Don’t Get Caught Without Replacement Snow Plow Lights – Stock Up Now

Plow lights were one of last season’s hard-to-get items, so our team is urging customers to keep a set of replacement lights on hand for each plow in your fleet. Western has updated its popular Nighthawk Snow Plow Lights for even better performance. The 38800 headlamp (formerly 28800-1) features new styling as well as reflectors tuned to the specific requirements for low beams and high beams. It comes complete with a harness and bulbs.

Snow Deflectors Are Another Hot Plow Item to Have on Hand

Another item to consider purchasing now is a rubber snow deflector. This add-on to the top of the plow helps improve operator visibility by keeping the vehicle’s windshield free of blowing snow. When installed, the angle created with the blade directs the snow out of your line of sight so you always have a clear view of where you’re going. The flexibility of the rubber ensures the deflector will not break, even in the heaviest snow conditions. Western’s 8” Rubber Deflector with mounting hardware is available now for online ordering.

Plow Parts Direct is doing what we can to help you get your snow removal equipment ready for winter – and make sure you avoid supply shortages as the season gets into full swing. Our experienced personnel are here to offer guidance in choosing the right snow removal equipment and replacement parts as well as to provide the expertise to install or repair it. Give us a call at 888-260-3246.

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