Introducing Our NEW LTL Freight Shipping Option is now offering our customers the convenience of having online orders delivered by truck! We recently introduced a less than truckload (LTL) heavy-freight shipping option on our website. This will allow you to purchase large products – which previously could only be picked up at our site – and ship them via LTL freight, as well as to combine multiple orders into a single, convenient delivery.

Why Choose LTL as Your Freight Shipping Method?

With LTL freight, the truckload is made up of several smaller shipments that, all together, fill an entire truckload. Because your shipment is not using the entire available truck space, you only have to pay for the weight of your freight and the space you are using in the trailer. This allows companies who may not order enough product to fill a trailer the ability to ship products at a significantly lower cost than that of a normal full truckload shipment.

LTL shipping provides smaller businesses with all the benefits of a professional shipping services – without having to pay a high cost for space they don’t need. Additional advantages of LTL shipping include:

  • State-of-the-art tracking systems, which enable our LTL shipper to provide you with real-time tracking information so you will know exactly where your shipment is at any time. This also helps ensure that deliveries arrive as close to on schedule as possible.
  • LTL freight is typically loaded onto pallets or into crates. This protects shipments from damage during loading and transit, and can help minimize the chances of orders getting lost.
  • LTL freight shipping is a “greener” alternative that supports the environment. The process results in fewer trucks carrying full loads, rather than more trucks carrying less than their capacity. This significantly reduces emissions – and your company’s carbon footprint – because it lessens the number of trucks needed to get goods to their destinations.
  • Companies can combine more than one product on a single order. This is more economical than parcel shipping since it requires less handling than multiple smaller packages of the same weight and space.

Place Your Order Entirely Online – And Know Your Freight Cost Upfront always strives to make online ordering as simple as possible. By adding LTL as an option on our website, we’re making it possible for customers to purchase heavy or oversized products online that cannot be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS due to their size or weight.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your snow plow or spreader equipment or stocking up on essential winter parts and supplies, you can place your order entirely online and get the most accurate freight quote possible right up front. After placing your order, go to the Cart page and look for a notification that you can choose LTL shipping during the checkout process. No more guessing about freight costs – your estimate will be displayed right on the cart page! You can also select customized services at checkout, such as whether the delivery is residential or commercial or if your order requires lift gate service. is a One-Stop Shop for All of Your Western and Sno-Way plow and spreader parts needs

Depending on your business and the types of products you need, LTL freight shipping can be extremely efficient and cost-effective. Best of all, it allows to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your plow and spreader parts needs. Still wondering if LTL freight is the best option for your next shipment? Our experienced team is here to answer question and help with your specific shipping needs. Call or email us today!